Lighting Products  

Lighting is needed everywhere for multiple purposes: on the streets, on your industrial site, during traveling or in your house and garden. Even when the sun is not shining, we can still use its power for our lighting requirements.

The wide range of solar lighting products offered by Surana Ventures makes you independent of the power grid and enables you to use your lighting products during power cuts or in rural areas. Our solar lighting product range include Home Lighting Systems and Solar Street Lighting.

Epsilon presents Solar Street Lighting: an easy way to instantly use reliable, solar powered lighting where it is needed most. both our LED and CFL Solar Street Lighting feature:

Powered by 37 or 74 Wp PV Solar Panel

No expensive external cables, transmission losses or fuel costs

Easy, stand-alone, installation, requiring no special skills, tools or expertise

Automatic Dusk-till-Dawn operation, with back-up for 3 non sunshine days

Application as Street, Hoghway, Parking Lot, Campus or Security Lighting
  Epsilon takes great pride in continously developing innovative, top-quality products for its costumers. Our low maintenance Solar Street Lights are already used by city municipal departments, home owner associations, farms , wharehouses and many others.  
  Solar Home Lighting Systems  
  Epsilon has developed Solar HOme Lighting Systems: highly efficint, flexible and safe lighting for homes, farms, industry and emergency back-ups. Our Solar Home Lighting Systems feature:

Powered by A 12 V / 37 Wp PV Solar Panel

Multi purpose application with user-friendly, express installation

A charge Contrller, 2 CFL or LED light, 12V / 40 AH Battery Cable

Option to integrate with a generator or grid by SPV Hybrid System

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